Just giving a feminist critique of the books I read. Pretty simple!


My views don't represent all feminists, as we're all different. There are liberal feminists, eco-feminists, radical feminists . . . and so on. I consider myself an anarcha-feminist, which means that I'll also include critiques of capitalism and neoliberalism in my analysis. 

Additionally, I don't think feminism is just about gender -- it's about race, class, sexuality, etc.

I'm also not here to engage with anti-feminists, sorry! 


The Rainbow - D.H. Lawrence Though I related more to the characters in this text (in comparison to Sons & Lovers), especially Ursula, I felt that it was somehow...lacking?I enjoyed seeing contrasts between the couples and their anguish in trying to fully connect with one another. I know that the Cathedrals were an important motif in this novel, but I didn't feel that they spoke to me. Of course, judging merit solely on my relationship with the work is rather foolish. From what I understand, the contents of this book were very controversial at the time it was authored, which does not surprise me. Its take on nationalism and its forthright, beautiful sensuality alone make it worth reading. The depth with which Lawrence goes into each character's wants, fears and very essence act as a bonus, and for me, a reason to delve more into his oeuvre. Though slow at times, this was a great way to spend a few evenings.

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