Just giving a feminist critique of the books I read. Pretty simple!


My views don't represent all feminists, as we're all different. There are liberal feminists, eco-feminists, radical feminists . . . and so on. I consider myself an anarcha-feminist, which means that I'll also include critiques of capitalism and neoliberalism in my analysis. 

Additionally, I don't think feminism is just about gender -- it's about race, class, sexuality, etc.

I'm also not here to engage with anti-feminists, sorry! 


Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference - Cordelia Fine I adored this book. It will be immensely useful both online and in person in discussions over gender, especially when someone brings "science" into the discussion. Far from just being theory, Fine brings in a multitude of studies that back up her assertions, which more or less boil down to what we all learned in Gender Studies 101: gender is a social construct. Fine tackles the idea of brain size, math and science skills, "essential differences", neurosexism, among other issues. The book was by no means dry at all, but it didn't pander to the lazy reader, either. I felt challenged but not overwhelmed. One fact that I'll take from this book concerns gender priming. For example, when a woman is asked to fill out her sex and then take a test (I believe math, but I'll be safe and just say test), her performance sinks. Apparently just being reminded of your gender brings up anxieties related to stereotypes and can affect your scores. That's just one test! Imagine having that happen all the time.This text would be useful to:-any gender studies student-anyone interested in Neuroscience (probably not those who actually teach/research, however)-those who question assertions of male superiority in the sciences as natural-anyone raising children

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